heart ache..

my heart aches with the love i have for you
i cry because i can't be with you
my dreams are filled with your beautiful face
i pray that someday i can hear you say I love you . . .

Three years ago today I said goodbye. 
My heart broke and I was forever changed.
I am left with only my memories of you.
The memories don't fill the void but they do chase away the cold.
Your smile will forever bring light to my life.
The mere thought of your laughter warms my soul.
Knowing you loved me with all your heart keeps me going each day.
You may be gone but you will forever live on in my heart.
Someday I will hold you again and hear you say I love you.
I miss you more each day & I will love you always.



  1. Hugs are all I can offer because words fail me... ( ) ( ) ( )

    1. Your hugs are perfect Paul! Thank you ♥

  2. Hugs and love from all our household. We love you!


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