Haiku: Hungry

Hungry? Who's hungry? I'm hungry. Are you hungry? What are you hungry for? A kiss? A promotion? A cheese burger? Mashed potatoes & gravy? Mmmmmm.... gravy....

This weeks Haiku contest is being hosted by Grins at ANGER MANAGEMENT, with Hungry being the theme of choice. Here are my entries.


Breads, pastas, potatoes...
Delicious yummieness, Mmmm..
All things I can't have.


Books, pencils, paper,
New clothes & locker combo.
She's hungry to learn.

*Note: this photo is 3 years old

I hope everyone pops on over to Anger Management and checks out the competition. Good luck everyone!!

Here are some current photos of the girls.

Have a wonderful first day of school girls!

Love Huggs


  1. Well, I know whats going on in your life. great ones!

    1. Haha, I guess you do! :)

      Thanks Grins



  2. There are so many things children hunger for at the start of the school year.
    May those darling girls of yours always keep the excitement

  3. CoreyJo:
    Your girls are git'n awful cute (and big, too). I think I know what's coming up next on the hungry to learn list..... BOYS ('specially the tall, non-midget like one).

    First come crushes
    Then come dances
    Pimple faced boys leading with their lances


    Good times--


    P.S. Oh, HELLO! Nice on the haiku ta boot!!! (sorry, NO CARBS FOR YOU!!!)

  4. Wow can not believe how much the girls have grown they are so beautiful. As for the haiku thanks a lot now i want food I'm starving..lol ok well maybe not starving but seriously between the haiku and the photo yum my favorite is the second one that was me growing up and even now I hunger for knowledge i love learning. Great job sweetie give the girl a hug and kiss for me.


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