I've been living in silence

Living in a world where nothing can touch me, hurt me

I've shut out life in hopes of finding sanity

No body can see me. No body can hear me, can they?

What's that noise? 

Is someone there?

I hear a voice calling my name

A shadow off in the distance moves closer

I reach out for you, but you fade away

Don't go! Please! Don't leave me again

Once again I live in silence, shutting out life

Only the fading sound of your voice to keep me company




  1. grabs tissue box and goes sits in the corner. You aren't suppose to be reading my mind.


  2. I somehow felt like it would be something I could write, except... the "mommy" part!!

    So, silent, next to you, I'll sit quietly. And you let me know when you want that hug...

    HUGZ_of course!!

  3. Turn about's fair play Becca. :)


  4. Ticklebear,

    The painful part of this piece for me is I never heard her say Mommy or Mama so it really can't exist for me. It's all in my psych when I hear it. Real or not though it's there.

    I'll take that hug now.

    Thank you

  5. Consider yourself hugged!!

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  7. CoreyJo,

    You can't imagine how deeply this writing has touched me. I am so sorry for all of the pain and heartache you have gone through and will continue to have to work through over time.

    I believe that our children are nothing less than an exquisite expression of love, created by God. I feel like my girls are "on loan," from Him. Selfishly I pray that I will never have to go through the loss of one of my children. I have too many friends who have, and am all too familiar with their pain.

    I know that it is hard to wrap our heads around but, but can't come close to how big God's love is for our children. Maggie is in His presence, warm, safe,and loved; smiling and happy, every single second. Hold on to this when you are having a bad day.

    Know that Maggie is watching you always, and loving you, every day. I can't imagine how proud she is of you. In unbearable times when you are longing so to hold her, and tears are streaming down you face, Maggie, your Angel, is holding you, wiping your tears away. Maybe the ending reads,
    "Mommy...I'm here."

    Much Love,

  8. Robin,

    Your words are a comfort, the last part about "I'm here" and holding me especially. Thank you from the warmest part of my heart.



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